In July 2017, PRP was merged with the Aliment Limited brand to create much more efficiency in the running of the PRP business.


As you may or may not be aware, Aliment has been running as a mail order company for the last 14 years, and we are well established within the industry. We are very much driven by science and research and have carried out numerous clinical trials on our probiotics. We also have a very strong technical team behind the scenes, who are made up of scientists from different specialities.

The merger means, we have been able to bring this expertise to PRP, along with a successful management team who have developed a much improved level of customer service and structure.

Phil is still very much involved and will continue to research and develop new products. We work closely with Phil to make sure we bring you the latest in effective and high quality products based on the latest research.

Phil is also continuing with his blood analysis consultations through his clinic website, so you are able to get in contact with him directly to book these on

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- Used by athletes
- Superior dosages
- Highest quality of ingredients
- Products developed by scientists
- Bespoke 'one of a kind' supplements

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Some of you may remember that Aliment used to work with PRP with product development and fulfilment of orders some years ago. This was then passed on to the then growing PRP team.

In the mean time both companies grew steadily over the following years. Aliment in the mail order supplement market, while also supplying mang athletes and working with professional teams. PRP in the sports and performance arena and working with many performance athletes.

Aliment is now in its fifteenth year of trading and currently employs 6 members of full time staff. It is owned and managed by Charlotte Crockett. The office manager looking after all aspects of ordering and admin is Catherine Hamer (Charlottes sister). Aliment recently welcomed Cellan Davies as a full time marketing manager. Three other members complete the team which is based just outside of Port Talbot in South Wales.

We also have technical support from Dr Nigel Plummer and Cultech who we are closely linked to, and Dr Jamie Pugh our Phd graduate.

Aliment has a long history of working with Phil and developed and manufactured many of the original PRP products.

Aliment Nutrition

- Founded by British nutritional scientists
- Perform our own clinical trials
- High quality ingredients
- Manufactured by our partner
- Pure focus on the 'essence of nutrition'

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The actual manufacturing is done by Cultech who are well known for quality manufacturing in the UK, providing products for UK, Europe, Canada and north American markets.

What we have been able to do is research, develop, manufacture, and sell high quality products which are made in the UK with full traceability of an extremely strict quality management system.

The products are unique to us and you are not able to find them anywhere other than…..


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