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A Bit About Matt...

Matt is a dedicated personal trainer and is on the PRP Team. Matt is very passionate about all angles of fitness, health and recovery.  Matt is also a national bodybuilder qualifying in every federation gaining a collection of achievements!

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Our feet will take a vast amount of punishment before they'll reach a breaking point. Ever wake up thinking you've done something in the night to your feet which must be the cause of this new pain upon awakening? Well, it's usually because the pain is often a very delayed signal when it comes to foot dysfunction so waiting for it to appear is a silly way of dealing with the problem.

"I guarantee if you become more mobile and functional within your range of movements then that'll be a direct transfer of strength and weight management to a better and improved physique."

The same goes for general mobility and flexibility of all your joints and muscles, you want to focus on mobility rather than weight loss and muscle building. I guarantee if you become more mobile and functional within your range of movements then that'll be a direct transfer of strength and weight management to a better and improved physique.

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How To Start Taking Care Of Your Feet

 Step outside into your garden barefoot. .. Okay you might need to make it safe and clean up any dog muck, but feel the grass barefoot. This may sound strange, but we have as many as 200,000 nerve endings per sole! Which is why they can be extremely ticklish to touch! Don't deprive yourself of feeling your surroundings! Your body has everything it needs to function optimally, remember that, you need to feel and sense the ground beneath your feet!

Another huge factor is training barefoot, you'll build more conscious control of your movements and build better mechanics! Plus, if you deadlift barefoot you are as close to the floor as you can possibly get, with a high heel or built-up sole your actually creating the lift much harder than it needs to be! I train regularly in either my Vibrams five fingers or my Gorilla high tops which both have an extremely thin sole.

My transition took some time, you simply can't just go barefoot straight away. I needed to take my time due to spending years of wearing shoes which blocked my sensors. Many people are the same, most women even worse as the heel is completely unnecessary and unnatural for the bodies mechanics. Experience lower back pain? Sadly it's a result of those sexy heels you wear on a night out. If like many of my clients where choose to wear a heel for work, then bring that heel down gradually. So if you're wearing a five-inch heel, bring it down to 4.5 inches and every other month drop a further 0.5-1 inch. 

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Easy Ways To Get You Started

- Spend time barefoot. Start in the house and then eventually venture outdoors, yes this means without socks as they are another barrier for our sensors. This might seem simple but it is immensely powerful to feel the ground without a barrier!

- Switch to natural footwear that is wide, foot-shaped, flat, flexible and has a thin sole

- Wean yourself off your orthotics by working on your foot mobility and strength every day (spending time barefoot does both of these). Orthotics are crutches for the feet - you shouldn’t be using them forever!

...Start taking care of your feet and your feet will take care of you


Some of my elderly clients have come in for treatment or training and their first session I've said let's train barefoot... They have gone from shuffling across the floor being scared from loosing their balance to walking around the room with confidence. Again, barefoot is immensely powerful as we can sense the ground beneath us, so try it out and see the difference over the next 6 months!

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