Benjamin Owen is the Owner of Fast Way To Fitness. His passion is to help people transform their life by transforming their body.

Ben has been training people for 15 years and has spoken all over the country about using body transformation as a tool for driving change in life and business.

Fast Way To Fitness is one of the largest bespoke body transformation gyms in the country. Their mission is to bridge high-level coaching, training and performance to more people. They offer 6 week and 6 - 12 Month programmes.

They have recently launched their corporate business coaching package and have had incredible results from helping teams transform via a vehicle of health.

In this episode, we discuss;

- The landscape of the health and fitness industry in a post-COVID 19 world
- The dawning of a new ‘health economy’
- Health as a vehicle for success
- Void created value - how we crave what we don’t have
- The five things he concentrates on for client engagement

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