Over the next few weeks PRP will be posting a series of blogs which will contain 10 questions answered by different professional athletes and coaches. Here is part one of the PRP Interview series with World Strongman, Glenn Ross.


1. When competing how do you prepare mentally for an event?

A good meal with clean red meat the night before, full nights rest on Amino and Magnesium relax.


2. Who inspires you when you are competing?

Bill Kazmaier the strongest guy of all time. Held the powerlifting total record for 15 years.


3. If you could give one piece of advice to a up and coming athlete what would it be?

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.


4. Based on your current knowledge, would you change anything about your training regime?

All changes are in place and supplement plan.


5. Leading up to an event, how many hours a day do you train?

90 minutes


6. What is your nutrition plan when training for a competition?

All nutrition pre event is based on a four meal plan with greens and supplement advice I follow from Phil's nutrition plan. Clean water and Organic throughout.



7. How does your nutrition plan differ during your 'off season'?

Off season I would have a weekly take away Indian.


8. When training what PRP Supplements do you take?

I take the full range. Especially like the alkalising Salts, Ultimate Greens, Amino Work Capacity, Cardio Fuel and Cognitive Care for pre workout. The post workout, I love the Anabolic Drive  and Super Digestive Enzymes.


9. What are the benefits you've had from taking PRP Supplements?

Got my life back period! Blood pressure normal, training great, injuries heal so quickly. Best thing I ever changed to my training lifestyle.


10. Would you recommend PRP Supplements to other athletes?

I promote daily!



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