Over the next few weeks, PRP will be posting a series of blog posts which will contain 10 questions answered by different professional athletes and coaches. Here is part three of the PRP Interview series with London Olympic Athlete - Stuart Stokes.


1. When competing how do you prepare mentally for an event?

Mentally preparing for a race came from the work you knew you had put in. In the days leading into a competition when you knew your nutrition was bang on, you were healthy, fit, your body fats were at the correct level, you were strong from the gym sessions, when these things were in place I never needed any psyching up etc I was in a good place and everything flowed from there.


2. Who inspires you when you are competing?

Very controversial to say it now but Lance Armstrong. When reading his first book back in 2001/2002 at the stage in my life when I THOUGHT I was professional in my approach but that book changed my perception of dedication. I know people will say he was a cheat blah blah and I understand that side of it but you could still learn so much from the absolute dedication to the process.


3. If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming athlete what would it be?

One piece of advice.....you get one chance, give it everything you have got. At the end of every year/season sit down ask yourself can you give anymore, if you are an honest person the answer is usually yes. Adapt, develop and improve.


4. Based on your current knowledge, would you change anything about your training regime?

The last few years of my career I think I pretty much got it spot on but even now with all the PRP supplements that have developed since London 2012, there were ways I could have tweeked a few things. Leading into the Olympics though with the advice and support from Phil, I couldn't have done much more. At the holding camp in Portugal with the Team GB Squad I had some interesting conversations with the GB nutritionalists who said I was bang on with my approach and were even learning from what I was doing.


5. Leading up to an event, how many hours a day do you train?

Full training, I would do twice a day sessions, a running session, and a conditioning session. It was only through meeting Phil that really changed my approach. At 36 I was still trying to train like a 20-year-old and was just ill and injured most of the time. Phil changed all that drilled into me the importance of recovery both active and through supplements and nutrition and to train smarter getting the most out of every single session.


6. What is your nutrition plan when training for a Race/Competition?

Nutrition since I met Phil, changed my life. Without a doubt, there is no way I would have made the Olympics without these changes as my body would have broken down. In turn, Phil was lucky that I didn't question anything, whatever he said I bought into wholehearted. No microwave, ceramic/iron cookware, changed my fillings in my mouth, osmosis water installed in my house, brothers houses, mothers house, PRP supplements, clean diet, good sleep patterns, wheat free the lot and the difference it made was phenomenal. I felt I could train hard every day.


7. How does your nutrition plan differ during your ‘off-season’?

The only change in the offseason was that I allowed myself a little indulgence and a few late nights. But as you know when you eat well and then eat what you want, after a few days you feel shocking and realise that is how most of the UK feels every day!! Then they go to the doctors and get prescribed crap to deal with it!!!


8. When training what PRP Supplements do you take?

PRP supplements when in full training were, Alkalising Salts, Ultimate Greens, Ultimate Fish Oils, Nitric Oxide Generator, Probiotic Gut Health, Vegabolic Drive and Super Digestive Enzymes. Everyone is an absolute must in their own right but for me the Alkalising Salts was huge.


9. What are the benefits you’ve had from taking PRP Supplements?

Never being ill, sick, cold, flu even a sniffle since 2008 and counting!!! That's with two small children of my own coming home from nurseries, me working full time in a school around sick kids and staff all day. When Phil says we build these things from the inside he is bang on. I witnessed this December in the run-up to Christmas, staff members at my school were dropping like flies claiming there is something going around. There was!!!! Access to all you can eat chocolate every day for that month and people getting no sleep because it's Christmas along with everyone being coffee addicts etc the list could go on. But there is something going round its the party line!!


10. Would you recommend PRP Supplements to other athletes?

The mistake everyone makes and they are all doing it now with their New Years resolutions as they hit the cross trainers and the treadmills are they don't build a healthy body first. A healthy body, clean diets, clean living is the foundation for you to achieve anything you want with your body, mentally and physically.




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