dr jamie pugh

Dr Jamie Pugh (PhD) is a post-doctoral research at Liverpool John Moores University. After graduating from world-renowned Loughborough University with first class honours in Sports and Exercise Science, Jamie spent time as a sports science intern with Swansea City FC. After this, Jamie spent time working with PRP Supplements and Aliment Nutrition while studying for a PGCert in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at University of Chester, before eventually beginning his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University.

In This Episode We Discuss With Dr. Jamie Pugh:

- How Jamie came to start his PhD and the journey to get there

- Working with world-leading experts like Prof. Graeme Close

- Common causes of gut symptoms in runners

- Jamie's most recent studies including a new study looking at the effect of probiotics on gut symptoms in marathon runners

- The Lab4 probiotics used in the study, why these were chosen and what to look for in a probiotic

- The most memorable moments of working at Liverpool John Moores University

- What's next after completing his PhD, including future studies looking at the effects of probiotics on exercise metabolism

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