Many countries around the world are now on lockdown with people being urged to stay in their homes unless absolutely necessary. While the need for this is obvious, it has left many people asking us how to stay healthy at home. We’ve broken down 3 areas to focus on during this time that can help you look after your health and wellbeing.

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There is plenty of evidence showing the positive effects physical activity has on our physical and mental health. Now, as much as ever, it is important to try to get active - so much so that it has (for now) been highlighted as one of the reasons to leave your house. If you have never been one for exercise before, now is the perfect chance to take up running, yoga in your living room, or any other exercise.

Worried that high-intensity exercise might have a negative impact on your immune function? We recently broke down the science behind why this may not be the case.

Not sure how to start an exercise routine from your living room? Take a look at our hints and tips for making the most of your home workouts and our interview with Karl Morris about how to start and maintain new habits.

Missing your gym buddy? Your partner might actually turn out to be your perfect training partner.

Working out During Lockdown


For many of us, the lockdown has likely brought about a reduction in our daily activity, and so our energy expenditure. This probably means that it is even more important to keep your nutrition in check where you can - although we do realise that the odd comfort food might be needed at a time like this. Trying to keep an eating routine can certainly help, along with planning your weekly meals.

We have plenty of tasty and healthy recipes over on the Health & Nutrition section of the blog (we recommend having a go at the vegan pizza). We’ve also discussed some handy snack swaps to try and reduce the amount of sugar you’re consuming each day.

Finally, there are studies that highlight that in both animals and humans, the thoughts and feelings associated with boredom can be mistaken for hunger. Sound familiar to anyone that keeps going back to the kitchen cupboards each evening? Time to bust out that jigsaw puzzle that’s been in the back of the cupboard, or pick up that book you’ve been trying to find time to read for the last few months.


Staying at home for extended periods of time, with little to no human contact, less things for us to do during the day. These are all things that most of us will have never experienced in our lives and they can be major challenges to our mental health. Like with our exercise and nutrition, taking care of our mental health and wellbeing should be something we put conscious effort and thought into. For example, social distancing for some will more than likely lead to social isolation. Make a plan then to pick up the phone or jump online and keep in touch with friends and family.

We have written before about different nutrients that play a role in cognitive health (vitamin D, fish oils, and probiotics).

Anxiety and stress can be positive things - without them, we would most likely not have survived as a species. However, too much can have negative effects. Now, more than ever, it is important to come together as communities, reach out to those that you may think need help, and seek help and advice when you might need it yourself.

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