Phil’s knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition, strength and conditioning are world class but don’t just take our word for it…..

Dan Cossins - Coach to Danny Talbot, GB Olympian London 2012

“Having been coaching and learning for 7 years now, I have explored many avenues to give my athletes an advantage over their competitors. In 2011 I came across Phil for the first time, when I did a semi private internship with him. This opened me up to whole new world, in terms of training, nutrition and supplementation. What I believe sets him apart is his understanding of what goes on in the real world. He has not lost perspective like other well known names in the business. The support and guidance he has provided has been a huge part of Danny Talbot’s selection for the 4 x 100m at London 2012. We are hugely appreciative of what he has done for us and I will continue to incorporate his methods and supplements into my athletes programs for many years to come.”

John Plumtree - Swansea Rugby Coach 1997-2001, Now Natal Sharks

“Phil was an important part of a very successful Swansea rugby squad that dominated welsh rugby for a 4 year period, his contribution was enormus, he insured that we could compete physically with any other team in europe.

Players have huge respect for Phil because of his desire and enthusiasm to help them be the best they can be. This ability was so important to the collective team effort in getting the best out of every individual.”

Thinus Delport - South Africa / Gloucester & Worcester Warriors

“I was very fortunate to have worked with Phil when I was at the Worcester Warriors. Phil’s training techniques were unique and cutting edge. His knowledgeabout correct nutrition is vast and in combination with his training techniques I can honestly say that I’ve never been as strong or as powerful as when I worked with ‘Phil The Power Richards’.”

Scott Gibbs - Professional Rugby Player - Swansea, Wales & British Lions

“I played some of my best rugby under phil’s strength & power training methods, he has superb knowledge to get you stronger, faster & leaner.”

Will Skinner - Professional Rugby Player - Harlequins & England

“Phil’s knowledge of healthly living and nutrition is limitless. With his dietary advice and training techniques Phil transformed a squat of 40 professional rugby players into one of the most physical and dynamic outfits in the premiership. A very driven individual he strives to be the best and gets the most out of whomever he works with.”

Dr Marie Cawley

“My weight would yo yo despite eating a reduced carb and low cal diet and training excessively.I was fighting a losing battle. When I started working with Phil I learned several valuable lessons. Firstly our hormone systems are all interlinked so treating thyroid alone was not the answer. Secondly overtraining and under eating was making my problems worse. Thirdly stress and poor lifestyle choices were most likely underlying all my hormonal problems. I now feel brighter,more relaxed and optimistic about the future. I haven’t lost any weight but I have seen my body become tighter and stronger. As someone who has suffered from body image and atypical eating disorders for most of my life feeling more content with myself is a big achievement. I am still hoping to lose weight and become more toned but I know with Phil I can now achieve these goals.”

Clare Woodward - Physiotherapist Worcester Warriors (2001-2006)

“When it comes to training the injured player Phil is always sympathetic to the training restrictions of the specific injury but is able to formulate ingeniously programs to help them return to playing stronger, fitter nd more powerful then before, preventing the player becoming frustrated with the injury. In the 3 seasons that I worked with Phil he completely eliminated hamstring injuries through his unique methods for strengthening the posterior chain.”

Keegan Smith - head Strength and Conditioning Coach Sydney Roosters

“Phil’s experience in top-level sport and dealing with health problems makes him uniquely qualified to bring the best nutritional information into the athletic world.

His training methods are simple – direct & brutal and would increase the standards of world sport if applied more widely.”

Benjamin Owen - Managing Director Fast Way To Fitness

“Whether you’re a Sports Coach, Personal Trainer or an aspiring Health Coach interning with Phil Richards is one of the smartest investments you can make. What Phil does is show and teach you the art of leaving no stone unturned when assessing, applying and evaluating the markers needed to get someone healthy, happy and performing at their best. I personally interned with Phil on numerous occasions and the value I have got out of every session on every internship has been incredibly valuable. To become a world class health coach you have to understand the mechanics of health, Phil gives you in depth and practical ways to practice as a health coach. I’ve used his methods to coach world class sprinters to people making a start into becoming healthier.”

Alex Lawson - Strength and Conditioning at Newport Gwent Dragons

“Phil’s unrelenting appetite for knowledge in nutrition ensures his delivery is cutting edge, his ability to make an impact on teams and individuals is obvious.”

Stuart Fielding - Wigan & Great Britain Rugby league

“I have found the consultation Phil gave me and his advice since to be massively beneficial. It has helped me get into the best physical shape I have been in for years. It opened my eyes about the diets and food out there.

It is something I will be sticking to, even after sport, to stay healthy.”

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall - World's Strongest Man 2017 & World Record Deadlift Holder

“Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man, from the very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis that Phil carries out he was able to advise me on exactly what supplements I needed and also the best nutritional strategies for maximising my performance.”

Gary Speed - Professional Footballer & Wales Manager

“Phil changed the way I approached strength, conditioning & nutrition which had a big effect on my performance.”

Ben Kay - Professional Rugby Player Leicester Tigers & England (62 caps) British & Irish Lion (2 caps)

“My biggest improvements were when Phil was strength and conditioning coach at Leicester Tigers.”

Craig White - Wales/British Lions Performance Coach

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Phil during the 2006-7 as Leicester Tigers almost club to win every available trophy, narrowly missing this goal by losing the final game of the season. Phil’s contribution that season was invaluable”.

Neil Taylor - England RFU Weightlifting Coach

“Having trained alongside some of the great Olympians and being coached by some of the best, I rate Phil’s knowledge and experience highly enough to confidently place him in this field of extraordinary people.”

Dr. Karl Morris - World's Leading Golf Psychologist

“I have come across many of people that say they are an expert in nutrition. Yet, often they disappoint. Phil Richards, however, has spent an enormous amount of time researching and developing his knowledge. I can say without hesitation you will hear absolutely cutting edge information. In fact, if you want to become the golfer that you dream about, your’ll be seriously missing an opportunity if you do not look at what Phil delivers.”

Dr. Eric Serrano - World Leading Hormonal Expert

“Phil Richards’ knowledge of training and nutrition is above the rest and he can correct any athlete’s weakness by applying his superb level of knowledge and expertise”.

Stuart Stokes - International Steeplechaser

“Thanks to the continued advice from Phil on my strength work, nutrition and supplements, I’m fitter, stronger and leaner than I have ever been! I cannot stress enough the need to be smarter with all aspects of your training and listen to what Phil has to offer…It’s helped me run personal best times at 33 years of age!”

Quinton Fortune - Professional Footballer

“I have been fortunate to have worked with Phil over the last few years and i can honestly say Phil is the real deal! In my opinion he is one of the best strength, conditioning and nutrition specialists out there.”

John Dams - Head of Strength and Conditioning at Harliquins Rugby

“Phil Richards in my opinion, pioneered performance nutrition in rugby. His influence on sports nutrition can now be seen across a broad range of sports. If anyone is serious about developing as an S & C coach they need to spend time with Phil Richards.”

Paul Hatton - Hull Kingston Rovers FC Super League H&S

“Having worked with some of the finest rugby league players in the world and the best in rugby union you have to keep up to date with all the latest most advanced training & nutrition methods around. Ever striving to give your players the edge over everybody else and make them the best they can become, were do you turn? Phil Richards, it’s really that simple. he is way ahead of anyone in the field of strength, conditioning & Nutrition.”

Chris Baron - Head of Strength & Conditioning at Warrington Wolves

“Phil Richards is one of the most knowledgable coach’s I’ve ever met, not only does he have knowledge he also, unlike a lot of people in the field of S & C, knows how to apply it.


I first met with Phil at Leicester Tigers Rugby Union in 2006, to which Phil with his superior knowledge on nutrition not only helped change the diet of the players but impose significant changes on their lifestyles. If anyone is serious about going into strength and conditioning then an internship with Phil is a must. I know I will be visiting him again in the near future.”

Stuart Abbot - England Rugby World Cup Winner 2003

“At Harlequins, I was fortunate enough to have Phil Richards as a strength and conditioning coach. Under his guidance I really benefited from his expertise on strength and nutrition and he really helped the team move up to the next level in the gym and on the rugby field.”

Steffan Jones - Somerset CCC & Northampton CC

“To be the besrt at your sport you have to be trained by the best. Phil’s knowledge on training and nutrition is the best I’ve come across and being trained by phil has given me a head start on all the other cricketers, not only in England but the rest of the world. I have never felt faster in my life since I applied Phil’s speed program.”

John Plumtree - Swansea Coach 1997 - 2001, Now Natal Sharks

“Phil was an import part of a very successful Swansea rugby squad that dominated welsh rugby for a four year period, his contribution was enormous, he insured that we could compete physically with any other team in Europe.

Player have huge respect for Phil because of his desire and enthusiasm to help them be the best they can be. This ability was so important to the collective team effort in getting the best out of every individual.”

Shayne Singleton - Professional Boxer & held the WBC International Silver World Title

“Using PRP’s diet plan and supplements in the build up to my WBC International Silver World Title win. I felt like a totally different person in and out of the gym. Energy levels were at a massive high and my body fat levels dropped. My recovery was on another level and with PRP Supplements my sleep is always spot on. Waking up fresh, ready for a hard days training. Thanks very much!”

Alex Leapai - Professional Boxer

“To say I’m ready is an understatement. Many thanks to Phil and PRP. I noticed an immediate improvement in endurance and body composition using the PRP range.”

Amir Khan - Professional Boxer & former world champion

“Phil has made me do sessions and when I have finished them I don’t know where my head is. But it is good to feel like that because in a fight because in a fight I know I will feel like that at some stage. I have never felt pain or exhaustion that I feel with Phil. There have been some sessions that have been so tough, I wanted to hide in a corner because there were another five sessions to do. He takes you to an uncomfortable zone but I need to know how I feel when I am in it. I feel more focused than ever, stronger than ever, too.”

Glen Ross - Britain & UK's Strongest Man Winner

“I definitely would not have won the UK’s Strongest Man 2008 & 2010 as well as Worlds Masters Strongest Man without the help of Phil. What he has taught me after 20+ years in the business has transformed me.”

Nick Easter - Professional Rugby Player Harlequins & England (Former Captain, 54 caps)

“Phil has such knowledge in the field of strength and nutrition that working with him it took just 3 months to improve my performance so much that it helped me make that step into international rugby.”

Charlie Francis - Former Olympian and Sprint Coach

“I have known and worked with Phil Richards for a number of years now. During this time I have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the subjects of training and nutrition. Those fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with him should take advantage of it.”

Louie Simmons - Founder and Owner of Westside Barbell

“Phil Richards is one of the select few chosen to be an ambassador of the Westside Barbell System in Europe. Through his multiple internships, sporting success and seminars he has clearly shown a high level of competency in teaching the Westside methods. Phil also brings a new dimension to the industry with his revolutionary supplements of which have greatly improved my overall health in a short space of time. I am proud to have Phil Richards to be among the hand selected Westside certified gyms and ambassadors”

Pat Sanderson - Professional Rugby Player - Worcestor Warriors & England (16 caps)

“Phil Richards contribution to Worcester Warriors was phenomenal, his training methods ferocious and under his expertise Worcester became one of the most physical teams in the premiership.”

Dr Eddy Betterman MD

“Phil, with your comprehensive background in live blood analysis and athletic training you’re a top address in the sport world; but for anyone else who wants to get the best out of himself the right way, without harming the body, they should book you as well.”

Nina Ross - Miss Fitness UK

“When I first met Phil back in September 2011 I thought I was reasonably educated and well read in the field of health and nutrition however, I was soon blown away by the know;edge I gained from Phil both on a health and nutrition perspective which he also would deliver in a digestible way that my understanding and my own performance progressed to another level.”

Justin Langer - Australian Cricket Legend

“When I was captain of Somerset County Cricket Club I went to see a well-known nutritionist (Phil Richards) in the UK. “You’re very fit, aren’t you? But I can tell without even looking at your blood sample that you’re not very healthy. I can see it in your face and your eyes. It happens to people who constantly train hard. They end up wearing their bodies out and become unhealthy. He went on to explain the importance of getting the balance right between training and recovery, and then showed me how nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining great health.”

Ed O'Donoghue - Professional Rugby Player - Queensland Reds

“Phil’s overall enthusiasm and tenacity to find the best practice in training and nutrition gives him an edge to deal with top athletes. He raised my attitude towards training massively and his effect on team mental toughness was easy to see and even easier to be a part of. His advice on well-being for top performance through nutrition is second to none.”

Colin Charvis - Professional Rugby & WalesPlayer (94 caps) British & Irish Lion (2 caps)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Phil. Throughout a decade of playing international rugby I utilised ideas I had gained from Phil during his timer as the conditioning coach at Swansea RFC. Tough training with fantastic results. Prepare to work hard.”

Simon Whatling - Professional Rugby Player - London Welsh

“Phil showed me how to apply myself to my training with dedication and hard work, but most of all, how I needed to undertake and show attention to detail to my diet and lifestyle. This maximized my potential on the field at a young age. Phil is truly at the top of his profession when it comes to strength, conditioning & dietary advice.”

Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy - MMA Fighter

“With all the diets I have tried, in the hopes of enhancing my performance, nothing comes close to what Phil has shown me. My body feels cleaner and more efficient and my performance levels are so much higher. Phil has opoened my eyes to how I should approach my nutrition and the positive effects it has on my own training.”

Carl 'Dynamite' Dilks

“Since working with Phil my fitness has come on leaps and bounds. Phil has put me through things I thought my body couldn’t do after which I have been throwing up in the toilets! But, it has made me stronger mentally and physically. He also opened my eyes about aspects of my lifestyle, what I put into my body – food and drink alike, he has made me mentally and physically sharp, feeling the best I’ve ever felt and able to push my body to the next level.”

David Thompson - Professional Footballer - Bolton Wanderers

“If I had one wish to looking back as my time as a professional footballer it would be that I had met Phil Richards at the beginning og my career before my knee injury. When I met Phil my body fat was too high for professional sportman and I had the strength of a 12 year old boy. Not only that I had virtually no strength in my injured leg. The most dissapointing thing was that I had accepted my situation; I was finished, I had given up hope of a return to Premier League level. After working with Phil my transformation was nothing short of remarkable.”

Ollie Richardson - Conditioning Coach Leicester Tigers

“Phil has taken strength, conditioning and nutrition to a level above everyone else. He is a pioneer and everyone now looks to him as he is setting the standards in professional sport.”

Rob Appleyard - Professional Rugby Player Cardiff and Wales (9 caps)

“As a professional rugby player I trained under Phil Richards from 1995 to 1998, during this time I received one on one coaching on all aspects of physical conditioning, including supplements, diet, resistant weight training, plyometrics, speed, evasion and power work to name a few. I followed a detailed training schedule individualised to my needs. I improved in all physical aspects. Following this regime played a huge factor in me reaching my ultimate goal of playing for Wales.”

Oliver Cummings - Strength and Conditioning Coach

“I first interned with Phil in 2006 and have completed multiple internships with him since then. The main reason I continually go back to learn from Phil is because like all top coaches he is constantly evolving and expanding his knowledge. His methods of preparing athletes at the top level of professional sport has certainly shaped the way I now prepare sports people at the top. If you are a strength coach or nutritionist looking to bring your athletes or clients to the next level, I would definitely recommend an internship with Phil.”

Drew Hickey - Professional Rugby Player Worcester Warriors

“I was lucky enough to work with Phil at the Worcestor Warriors. In his time there he provided our team with a hard edge physically and mentally that allowed us to compete in the Premiership. His strength, nutrition and fitness program pushed us all to achieve the best results that we were capable of.”

Andrew Mehrtens - Professional Rugby Player Harlequins and New Zealand (70 caps)

“Having played 72 times for the All Blacks I thought that I had been exposed to all the training and nutritional programs that were out there – Phil has given me a new understanding on how to train and nourish myself so that I can achieve high level performances week in week out and have a true edge over my competition.”

Kai Horstmann - Professional Rugby Player Exeter Chiefs

“Phil opened my eyes to new training techniques and dietary information which has been a huge help in my career. His gym sessions made a massive difference to my power and strength and his team training sessions enabled us to bond closer as a squad and helped us work harder.”

Amy Boulden - Professional Golfer 2014 Rookie Of The Year.

“Probably the most life changing supplements I have bought into my game. They have helped me get deep sleep when I really need it. I feel great when I wake up on game days, I feel re-vitalised and my head is clear, which definitely helps me because last year it used to take me a few holes to get going. I am currently leaner, stronger and I am happier than ever in my sport. I have had a taste of what it feels like to be really healthy and now I am more food and health conscious, I’m more energetic and I have better mental clarity.