CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and the oil is usually made from hemp seeds and hemp extract. The hemp seed oil comes from the pressing of the seeds of the plant as the name would suggest, and the extract comes from the leaves and stalks of the plant itself. With no psychoactive or addictive effects, it is perfectly legal and safe to take.

It is important when choosing which CBD oil to purchase, that you buy one which comes from EU approved supply and that it complies with the European standards for THC content, pesticide use, and Heavy metals.

The great thing about CBD oil is that is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it comes directly from the plant. Extracted from EU hemp using non-toxic CO2, our method removes unwanted plant matter such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll, resulting in a clear, golden coloured liquid CBD oil. Simply drop under the tongue for rapid absorption. Aliment CBD Oil is “Grown from Certified EU seeds, according to regulation (EC) no 112212009 with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) no 393/2013, Council directive 20021571EC and Article 39 (1) of regulation (EC) no 7312009”.

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