Motu Tony 

Interview with Motu Tony;

What PRP supplements impact his performance, who he would invite to dinner and what he had for breakfast.......


What is your favourite sporting moment?

Winning the Tri-Nations with New Zealand in 2005.  It was the first time in 30 years Australia had lost a major final and first time in 50 years New Zealand had beaten Australia twice in one year.


What is your most embarrassing moment?

In a game I ended up playing the ball to the other team.  This was at professional level and I hadn’t taken a head knock or anything. Everything was fine but the ‘play the ball’ LOL


Who is the most inspirational person to have influenced your life?

My father.  He wasn’t an athlete but he was hardworking and a family man.  He was an excellent family man and example of hard work. I’d like to think that as an athlete I had my father’s work ethic and drive.


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Green life and Alkalising salt mixed with water.  Weetabix with banana and unpasteurised Goats milk.


What supplements do you take and which ones do you feel have had the biggest influence on your health & performance?

I currently take Green life, fish and brain oil, alkalising salts, blood builder, amino work capacity and anabolic drive.

I feel that it is unfair and difficult to identify one product of Phil’s that has been superior over the others that I use.  They have all helped me massively. 


How many times per week do you train and what does a typical training week look like?

Weights & Skills work 4 * a week

Swimming twice a week

2 massages for recovery

Light weight session the day before a game to get mentally and physically ready for the match.


If you could tell a young person some words of wisdom who is reading this interview what would they be?

Hard work always pays off! There’s nothing better than being SUCCESSFUL!


 If you could take any 3 people out for dinner who would they be and what would you order?

Michael Jordan for sports and business advice, Adam Sandler for comedy and Sade for music.  I’m assuming the wife is also with us or else I’m in trouble.


What is your favourite exercise in the gym and why?

Chin ups.  Basic exercise that not many can do properly but it’s great for the back and arms.


 If you had to spend a week on a desert island and could only take one PRP supplement, one book, one DVD & one cd what would they be?

Green life to accompany the fish I would catch on the island, any book from Lee Child, Lord of the Rings DVD because it is a long movie to pass time and a Bob Marley CD to lighten the atmosphere.


Many Thanks Motu, from PRP