Nick Dunn Triathlete

Our Interview with

Nick Dunn, Triathlete

What is your favourite sporting moment?

Winning the 2009 World Championships on the Gold Coast.  I felt totally effortless on the run and despite being in 14th place at the start of it, I knew I could works my up quickly and then totally surprised myself when I came in 1st, it was a dream run in all respects.


What is your most embarrassing moment?

Actually I’ve had a few but the most recent was at Tri Camp this year when I was out riding with my guests, turned to check where they were and rode straight into a bramble bush, cutting up my legs and having to be helped up by the guests – not cool!


Who is the most inspirational person to have influenced your life?

It’s taken me a while to think if this but clichéd as it is, Lance Armstrong is an incredibly athlete.  Anyone who has had their life threatened, overcome cancer and who has continued to pursue their dreams relentlessly, well whatever you think – that’s pretty inspirational.

‘Phil’ himself.  He has inspired me to think more about my health, the way I eat and approach food and cooking and the way I think about life and situations I find myself in.  over the last 5-10 years as an athlete I have not come across someone who has inspired me to make so many changes. 


What did you have fo breakfast this morning?

Salad with olive oil, half an avocado, banana, roasted beetroot and celeriac and anabolic drive, alkalise salts, vit c formula and amino work capacity


What supplements do you take and which ones do you feel have had the biggest influence on your health and performance?

I take Alkalising salts every day as I’m currently training in Mallorca and this is amazing at replacing sodium and electrolites ensuring I stay fresh and recover quickly to do it all again the next day.

I take Amino Work Capacity before and during activity because it quite simply sustains my aminos!

Magnesium Relax is fantastic, I’ve never know something help me sleep better as well as this without any nasty side effects

On a daily basis I also take red berry powder, fountain of youth, iodine forte, blood builder, metabolic enzymes, heart & brain oil & brain talk


How many times a week do you train and what does a typical training week look like?

I’m currently running training camps in Mallorca so my training schedule is pretty much the camp training schedule with a few more swims and runs here and there:


8-9.30am - Swim    2-4pm – transition practice   4-5pm - Yoga/core session


8 – 9.30am – Swim    12 – 1.30pm – track session    2 – 5pm ride


8 – 9.30am – Swim       2 – 5pm – ride approx. 80km


8 – 9 – Swim      9.30 – 10.30 – run drills    1 – 4pm – ride approx. 90km


8 – 9am – Swim      10 - 4pm – Ride approx. 100km


9 – 10am cross terrain running


8am – 12pm – Ride approx. 90km        3pm – 5pm – OW swim


If you could tell a young person some words of wisdom who is reading this interview, what would they be?

Train hard, race easy but always listen to your body


If you could take any 3 people out for dinner who would they be and what would you order?

My wife – because I never see her!

Spartacus – he’s the ultimate warrior, the original dedicated athlete and survivor and the best of the best

Dave Scott – I met him at a party once and he’s a brilliant laugh

I’d order an oven based fish and roasted vegetables followed by cheesecake – not strictly on my diet but its my food Achilles heel!


What is your favourite exercise in the gym and why?

The deadlift.  It gives me a fantastic hamstring and glute burn which are naturally quite weak on me and so help compensate for my dominant quads.


If you had to spend a week on a desert island and could only take one PRP supplement, one book, one dvd and once cd what would they be?

No question I’d take the alkalising salts cos I’m hoping the island is hot!

I’d take Rocky 4 to watch, Michael Jackson No 1s to listen to (cant beat a bit of MJ!)  and 1984 by George Orwell, my wife has read it a few times and says I should so maybe I’d finally have time to read it!


 Many Thanks Nick, from PRP