Glenn Ross


Interview with Glenn Ross

Masters World Strongest Man


What is your favourite sporting moment? 

Doing a world record deadlift of 997lb and a world record Thomas Inch Dumbbell Press of 10 reps on the same day at the Arnold Classic in front of Arnold himself, another fantastic moment in my career was making a hat-trick of wins at Britain's Strongest Man from 99 - 2001 and a hat-trick of wins at the UK Strongest Man 2006-2008.


What is your most embarrassing/funniest moment?

My most embarrassing moment was at a council meeting for the decision on getting match funding for a children's play park that I was heavily involved in raising money for.  We were sat in spectator’s area where you had to be silent and only spectate on the decisions being made by the councillors that evening.  It was all very formal and as I sat on a good 10-15mins into the meeting the chair I was sitting on four legs gave way and I was lying on the floor like an overturned beetle, once the laughter from the councillors and the audience ceased and I was gathered onto a much sturdier chair I was pleased to hear that the councillors (possibly out of sympathy) awarded us the match funding for the park.  So it was something I didn't mind looking silly for as good came from it.


Who is the most inspirational person to have influenced your life?

Phil Richards because he saved my life and my families by putting the health jigsaw together...something I will be eternally grateful for.


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Salad and fish


What supplements do you take and which ones do you feel have had the biggest influence on your health & performance?

I take a full range of the Phil Richard's products but the Amino Capacity and the Fountain of Youth Formula has given me a very youthful strength performance.


How many times per week do you train and what does a typical training week look like?

6 days a week, 4 gym workout days, 1 fitness/swim day and 1 event day, Sunday rest day


If you could tell a young person some words of wisdom who is reading this interview what would they be?

Believe in yourself and others will start to believe in you, only then will you achieve what you and other now believe.  Be Strong in Mind, Body and Soul.  Never Give Up!!!


If you could take any 3 people out for dinner who would they be and what would you order?

My wife, my son and daughter whatever the ladies want, because really they are the bosses


What is your favourite exercise in the gym and why?

Deadlift because all strongman required deadlift and all great records in strength are deadlifts


If you had to spend a week on a desert island and could only take one PRP supplement, one book, one DVD & one CD what would they be?

Goodness Greens, How to Survive a Deserted Island by Tim O'sheib, Shawshank Redemption, Depeche Mode Violator


Many Thanks Glenn, from PRP