Nina Ross, Figure Athlete NPA and BNBF Natural Bodybuilder.


Our Interview with

Female Bodybuilder

Nina Ross


What is your current title/role/occupation? 

Sports Studies lecturer AND IFPA pro bodybuilder


How many times per week and/or how many hours do you currently train?

Train 5 times per week for approx 90 mins


Who is your inspiration?

Erin Stern


How do you maintain motivation?

By seeing results and progress, also aiming for competition


What does your typical training plan look like?

1 strength session, 1 conditioning session, 1 higher rep session and 2 cardio sessions also active recovery includes swimming.


What are your greatest achievement/s?

2 British titles for BNBF and NPA


What is your typical diet like?

Fish, dairy, meat, poultry rotated with salad, greens and more greens


What is the one vice you can’t live without?



What benefits do you look for from a supplement?

More energy, healthy guts and fat loss


What PRP supplements do you currently take? 

Iodine forte, red berry power, red  berry juice, metabolic enzymes, blood builders, goodness greens, alkalising salts, fountain of youth, anabolic drive, amino workout capacity, magnesium,  Vit C or collagen formula,Brain Talk, Heart and Brain oil, gut probiotic


What does your current PRP supplement plan look like? 

Daily -      Heart Fuel, Blood Bulider, Fountatin of Youth, Magnesium Relax,

Amino Relax, Brain Talk, Vitamin C Formula, Probiotic Gut Health,

Metabolic Enzymes and Goodness Greens

Pre Training - Amino Work Capacity and Heart Fuel


During Training - Amino Work Capacity         Post training - Anabolic Drive for recovery


Nina Ross, Female Body Bulider My Fave products I couldn't go without Amino Work Capacity and loving the energy I've gained from the new Heart Fuel




What supplements do you take before training? 

Amino workout capacity THE ONE AND ONLY



What supplements do you take to aid with recovery after training?

Anabolic drive and magnesium



Since taking PRP products, what differences have you noticed?

Fat loss and regular bowel movements, no acid and more energy/strength. No longer get DOMS and 

greater lactic threshold


Which PRP products do you feel have had the biggest impact on your health and performance? 


Amino workout capacity, heart and brain oil and iodine forte and goodness greens



 Many Thanks Nina, from PRP